Mawari or 回りin Japanese means circular, surrounding, and collective. My dance practice originates highlights Mawari– to create energy and to allow self expression through a collective effort. Utilizing the power of a unit, unique individual expression, exploration, and body awareness is the mission for Mawari Movement. There are only bodies in space without the collaboration and synergy of each individual.With the right tools, we are able to generate, evoke, tap into, and celebrate the bliss within ourselves and of others.

Mawari Movement surrenders  your mind from what looks good or what doesn’t look aesthetic. We rather explore, expand, and let your body to experience the potential of the creative, innovative self.  Discovery Teaching Method is used encourage students to get out of their comfort zone, to discover their own creative potential,  and to explore their own physical/mental ability. In contrast, Command Teaching Method, is the traditional way to learn. This education methodology builds employers but do not encourage creative and confident thinkers. To balance the two pedagogues, I combine the two teaching methods to create a practice that rejuvenates the body, cultivates self love, invigorates belief in self, embraces individualism & teamwork, and celebrates self-expression.

It is our birthright to feel the bliss through our body. Let us tap into what has not been discovered, together through Mawari Movement.