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How Embody You Dance is Different from Your Basic Dance Class

“What made Embody You different from other dancing was the fact that the point of this was to express YOURSELF. We were not told to do technique, to do turns, to point our feet, to look a certain way- it was to get out of our heads, explore our own bodies, and to release movement that feels most authentic to us.” 

-Diana Mora

Most Dance classes like jazz, hip hop, zumba, ballet- emphasize the right way to move, the right way to look, the right way to be.

But Dance shouldn't make you overthink about how you must look nor how to be to gain validation.

Dance should help you FEEL supported, connected, and empowered. To help you see the beauty of your body and to release the wisdom that's trapped inside.

If used properly, Dance is a powerful tool to help you connect back into your unique expression. Your authentic voice that wants to be free. Your body love to expand than to measure up to. Your true confidence that impacts other people around you.

If you want to...

  • Stop nit picking and judging your body
  • Feel incredibly comfortable in your own skin
  • Feel grounded in your mind, body, and soul everyday
  • Dance without fear and overthinking
  • Have a creative outlet to release stress and anxiety
  • Be unstoppable and magnetic on the dance floor

I've got you. Check out my syllabus down below or my mental training video on what you need to know to get to a level of powerful expression.


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