I am a dance movement instructor and founder of mindful movement meditation practice, Mawari Movement. Before I aligned myself with my true purpose, I was a ball of frustration and chaos. I struggled throughout my college years with bi-polar disorder, not knowing how to make healthy relationships, never feeling fully emotionally stable like I was enough, and had horrible body image issues that lead me to binge eating and purging. I was so insecure that I judged relentlessly of others, especially myself. I pulled myself into an abyss with all of the negative emotions and energy accumulated… Thinking about how easy it was at hiding my hurting self and feeling okay with it still brings up emotions for me. I got to a point where I finally exhaled, “ok, I need to do something to change this. I can’t live like this anymore.” So I did something that saved me the most- releasing what wasn’t serving me and asking for help.

I consciously decided to strip away things and situation that were creating worry, accumulating stress, and bringing harmful people into my life. Toxic relationships, social media, clothing, hair- gone. That was the beginning of my journey. With extreme isolation from distractions, likes, comments, opinions, brought me into a realm that I was never taught or had experienced before…. silence and solitude. It was an exhilarating breath of fresh air. As I cleansed myself, I began to journal, especially highlighted what brought most interest and joy to my spirit: nature, dance, and seeking spiritual path were my key words. This led me to living off the grid in Hawaii for a month with a commune- the next great turning point in my life.

The experience of being in the present moment, feeling connected with harvesting food, nourishing my body with what I harvested, eating together with the commune, dancing in full expression of my heart and naked soul to the circle of drums at the beach, and sleeping with the chorus of Koke frogs every night was magical. I thought, gosh, I have never felt so connected to Mother Nature and so in tuned with my body like this. I am so in love with my body, life, and the Universe.

It was a revelation. I needed to share this- the feeling of connection of the self, the community, of the Universe. That was when the idea of Mawari Movement began.

I have always loved teaching dance, but I knew I was just scratching the surface of my life purpose once the idea and passion grew for Mawari Movement. As I shared what I was cultivating, but tons of people told me I “should” be doing something that is certified, safe, and already done. I truly believe in what I done throughout these years of cultivating and digging myself out of the dark hole that I was confident enough and knew how important it was to share the information that helped me live my life I live now. Once I started sharing my dance practice through school and at holistic studios, connecting with a bigger audience, and watching my students transform emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, I knew I had something bigger than myself. I found my true calling.

My mission is to help you become your most creative, abundant, energetic, liberated self through the practice and study of mind & body integration, creative visualization, and mindful movement meditation. The balance of these three key elements will remove what is no longer serving you- emotional imbalance, negative thought patterns, judgement, comparison, stagnancy. I am so grateful for sharing this practice to help elevate others and for you to be a part of this journey with me. Trust me, I got you so lets get moving.

With so much love and gratitude,