3 Easy Ways for You to be Responsible for your Own Life, Purpose, and Happiness
Written by Akari on June 1, 2019
As I solely focused my energy and time  to devote to help others through my practice, I found so many, actually  most people who have surrounded me to question my ability to help  people. Some responses like: "Why don't you work with your father's  business?" "I can see you teaching Yoga though," "You're too young," "No  one takes self care that seriously, you won't find the market that will  support you." These are are only crumbles of  comments that I received, when I  passionately expressed my life purpose. Of course, receiving unexpected  feedback from relatives, loved ones, and friends bogged me down, but  I'll share a few tips on how I stay true to myself, responsible with my  own life, purpose, and happiness.

#1 Block Other's Judgements and Opinions from your Life's Purpose

There  are so many people in this world. So much distraction, noise, and  opinions. Amidst the chaos of others, how will you remain in solitude?  If I listened to every person who have negatively reacted to my mission  for Mawari Movement, I would definitely not be writing this, teaching,  and educating others on it. We need to realize that people's opinions  are just opinions rising from their own personal insecurity, past  experience, and/or judgement of themselves projected onto you. It  is not you, and you must not believe it. Of course, maybe take it with a grain of salt if it seems like constructive advice. However, if they have negative reactions to your dreams, nod and fake listen to  what they say, then toss away the negativity right away. See the other  person with love and compassion. Pray for them that they can realize  their own purpose. Trust me, life is so much easier when you put this into practice. 

#2 Be the Wolf

The  quote, "A Wolf does not concern itself with the opinion of a herd of  Sheep" has helped me through and through with my journey. This sounds scary to a lot of people but I'm going to say it because I truly believe in this-  isolate yourself from others' chatter for a bit and cultivate a strong bond or relationship with yourself.  How? Be brutally honest with yourself and write down the things you  judge people for, envy, celebrate, feel stuck on, feel depressed about,  negative habits etc. I notice that many people love to skew away from  getting to know not only their shadows but also their dreams. Not  because they think it's out of their reach, but afraid of knowing how  powerful they really are. Get a clear image of toxic things in your  life, (people, relationship, family, environment, mindset) instead of  filling the void by complaining that life sucks or scrolling through  Facebook and Instagram feeds. Start taking ownership of your void,  anxiety, and life purpose because no one can do anything for you at the  end for you to be fulfilled- it is ALL UP TO YOU.

#3 Define Your Core Values

 Your  core values will determine what kind of people you ultimately hang out  with, engage conversations with, build intimacy, success, and purpose.  Often times, doubt, indecisiveness, and insecurity arise when we do not  know or think what out core values are.

To get some ideas, here are some people's core values:

-  Belief that family is the backbone structure of their life

-  Belief that career success is most important for fulfillment

-  Belief that the everything is sacred

-  Belief that one does not deserve abundance and healthy relationships

-  Belief that life is meaningless

-  Belief that people are powerless to change their personal situations.

-  Belief that freedom is the source of happiness

These  are just beliefs from the internet- nothing right of wrong, but you  decide what is serving your life and purpose. Observe your own belief  system and ask yourself if things are outdated or not. If your career or  people in your life are in alignment with your belief system. When  individuals are crisp-clear and alignment with their core values, it is  not difficult to find friends, work, and life to be in the same  direction.

These 3 things are fundamental  if you do not want to quiver, blame others, and be hopeless with your  life. Reflect, take charge, and most importantly, stay true to yourself.



Akari, Founder of Embody You

Akari helps people become the most confident and expressive dancer.  She is an expert at helping people understand their body mechanics and mental beliefs using her movement practice, Embody You and making Dance super simple to understand.
If you're interested in getting to know you, learning how to dance, and having a break through transformation, reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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