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How to Switch Your Mindset about Perfection:
Your Flaws are Your Best Quality
Written by Akari on June 8, 2019
According to Google, the definition flaw means, "imperfection that  marks a substance or object." Some synonyms that go along with it are  "deficiency, defect, imperfection, limitation" the list goes on and on.

I  want to give you 3 beautiful ways for you to see yourself in grateful  minds and eyes, that flaws are actually a limiting belief, subjective,  and SO not worth to bog you down. If you think you have a lot of flaws,  great. Here is a way which will help you see that they are actually  your best friend.

Seeing your Physical Appearance, Depression, Disorder, Dysfunction as a Blessing in Disguise

I  am partially deaf, struggled with depression, struggled with bipolar disorder. HOWEVER, I see the richness and lessons, thanks to these "flaws," that my  journey handed me. I believe that these painful moments are when we  really develop into seeing beauty in life and self. However, some may choose  to see it in a negative manner.

I'm here to tell you that it's all perspective:

1.   My deafness in my right ear helps me to keenly listen to what others  have to say, to engage in eye contact so I'm fully aware of the  conversation, and gave me the ability to relate to others. Another  benefit is that I can roll on my left side of the pillow and not hear  anything at all when my neighbor has a party with complimentary bass at  4am on a Wednesday.
2.   My depression during my childhood has  helped me to bond with my family in ways that opened up their past  childhood pains. It helped us heal not only me but things that my  parents have never discussed to others, held on to, and release it with  the family which made us understand that vulnerability was a funnel to deep connection.
3.   Bipolar disorder was a ride honestly. I think I was most  creative, ecstatic, and alert those few months in the game. I turned on my inner TV in my head  every class I took- I kept entertaining myself in my head that I would  giggle or space out, so a lot of people knew me that I looked crazy or  out of it. All in all, it was a great memory and experience I will  always cherish.

What perfectionist expectations do you set for yourself? Try to see your imperfections, disorder, ailment,or  dysfunction more so like a gift that you learn from. Try it, you'll be surprised how much it actually has to offer.

The  flaw is not because of someone, something, anything but comes from your  own mind perceiving it as an ailment, dysfunction, especially negative. Continue  to see yourself and others with loving eyes and it'll be hard equivocate  away from your "bad" parts.

You rock, and you're unique. STOP IT with perfection because it doesn't exist. DO YOU, my friend.


Akari, Founder of Embody You

Akari helps people become the most confident and expressive dancer.  She is an expert at helping people understand their body mechanics and mental beliefs using her movement practice, Embody You and making Dance super simple to understand.
If you're interested in getting to know you, learning how to dance, and having a break through transformation, reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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