Two Powerful Ways to Keep Confident and Moving Forward with your Life
Written by Akari on June 22, 2019
S My favorite singer, Alice Pheobe Lou sings a section in her song, Orbit:
My reality is what I perceive
What I attract into my orbit
Learn to live a little higher
Let's pick the lock
Grab the reigns
Forget there ever were chains

'Cause there never were chains

The last line, (Cause there were never chains) is so on point- no one is stopping  you, but you yourself. Specifically your beliefs about yourself and your  limited perception of your abilities are what brings you behind these  bars of stagnancy.

In this post, I'll discuss 2 simple things that'll  help you move forward with your life when you feel stuck.

1. Become Aware of Your Character

See yourself as third person and write down your answer to these few questions- What  kinds of things am I doing in my daily life? Are they serving me, my fulfillment, my purpose? What kinds of patters do I relapse into all the  time? Where are my habits taking me in the near, far, and long term  life? Becoming aware of your life habits and reiterating them into a  desirable, purposeful life will help you get closer to your happiness.  Mindless activities will never serve you, and you know that!!

2. Ask, "Who am I becoming?"
Don't ask, that cliche question we all ponder since middle school, "who am I?". Instead, ask "who am I becoming?"  Becoming aware of your character from Step 1 and then asking yourself  who you are becoming is extremely powerful. It makes an individual  realize what holds them back. For example, I realized that I was  quitting my job whether it be dance instructor, barista, or an office  administrator within the range of 3-4 months. I asked myself, "why is  this happening and who am I becoming of these reoccurring habits?" I  have realized that I was avoiding confrontation and creating  miscommunication, which lead up to countless job endings, really not  mastering anything in my work. Realizing and re-iterating, I decided to  increase my effort in valuing relationships by being transparent,  assertive, and coherent, to create a safe and enjoyable work  environment.

These small action steps towards the betterment of yourself will gradually escalate into something actually beyond  what you believed who you were. Start writing down and taking  initiative of what is not serving you and create your life the way you want to!

Be the best you, forever and always.


Akari, Founder of Embody You

Akari helps people become the most confident and expressive dancer.  She is an expert at helping people understand their body mechanics and mental beliefs using her movement practice, Embody You and making Dance super simple to understand.
If you're interested in getting to know you, learning how to dance, and having a break through transformation, reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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