3 Easy Ways for You to be Responsible for your Own Life, Purpose, and Happiness
That's it, no more excuses my friends. Live your life fully on your terms.

Written by Akari on July 15, 2019
As I solely focused my energy and time to devote to help others through my Dance practice, I found so many, actually most people who have surrounded me to question my ability to help people...
How to Switch Your Mindset about Perfection:Your Flaws are Your Best Quality
Are you trying to fit your life into Cinderella's shoe?

Written by Akari on June 8, 2019
According to Google, the definition flaw means, "imperfection that marks a substance or object." Some synonyms that go along with it are "deficiency, defect, imperfection, limitation" the list goes on and on.
Two Powerful Ways to Keep Confident and Moving Forward with your Life
As Dori said, just keep swimming
Written by Akari on May 1, 2019
No one is stopping you, but you yourself. Specifically your beliefs about yourself and your limited perception of your abilities are what brings you behind these bars of stagnancy...
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