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the Embody you dance program
What is the Embody You Dance Program?
Embody You Dance Program is a step-by-step curriculum using dance to help people who want to thrive in their inner confidence and expression- physically, emotionally, mentally.

Regardless of your dancing ability and confidence level, we will help you find to a newfound level of confidence, certainty, and acceptance within yourself.

Dive into our program and community below.
discover your expression, discover the true you.
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The Embody You Dance Community
Our mission is to empower individuals and our local community to feel connected, supported, and encouraged to be their authentic self. Whether it be out in nature or in a dance class, Embody You Dance will bring out the best of you.
"I am not ashamed and am unapologetic to express my true myself.
I move without worrying about how I look. I express myself however and whenever I can.
I started the first day feeling awkward, and finished  the last day of feeling a new found level of liberation- I know how much I have connected, accepted, and empowered to express my true self."
-Linh Trung, Embody You Private Program Student
" Embody You Dance Program has given me the tools to love myself on a deeper level and to feel confident in my own skin. Thanks to Akari's program, I feel more empowered to be my authentic self especially during social events. "
-Natalia Girarulio, Embody You Group Program Student
" Akari has such a welcoming energy and provides an energetic, judgement-free zone to get me out of my comfort zone. Embody You Dance has not only helped me feel proud of my self expression but also allowed me let go of physical, mental, and emotional blocks that I clung to. After having worked with her, I found inner peace and power that I have never felt before dancing. "
-Shaye Fear, Embody You Private Program Student
The Embody You Dance Program Blueprint
STEP 1 - Building your base
Detox the old peception of yourself to build a new you.
  • Uncover your hidden fears and insecurities
  • Confront and change the negative perception of yourself
  • Start to uncover who you really are
STEP 2 - deepening and trusting you
Move without the constraints of perfection and uncertainty.
  • Clear your mind from perfections through movement meditation
  • Bring awareness to your body through touch sensation
  • Allow vulnerability to create a connection with your emotions and body
STEP 3 - expressing and empowering you
Express your hidden, inner self without hesitation.

  • Use the science body posture to increase confidence
  • Know where your strengths and comfort zones lie to break  boundaries
  • Use the voice and breath to express a deeper level of empowerment
STEP 4 - Integrating you
 Apply new confidence and sense of self into everyday life.
  • Dance with your environment and space around you
  • Learn to interract with others through movement
  • Incorporate your expression beyond the studio- into everyday life
STEP 5 - embodying you
Be empowered to express the new and ever-evolving you.
  • Create a roadmap of your life that is most authentic to you
  • Inspire others from your shining presence
  • Own your unique definition of true confidence
Embody You Dance Program Services
Group Intensive | 6 Week Program
Embody You Private Program
Don't let your fears and doubts to stop who you are meant to become.
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