How Embody You Dance Works

Teaming up with Santa Ana High School Dance Conservatory

Most novices, even dance teachers think that becoming a confident dancer is about taking a lot of dance classes, knowing the right moves (especially the complicated steps), and looking superior than everybody else in the room.  

Well... I'm here to tell you that assumption is FAR AWAY from the truth.  

While most dance studios focus on copying the teacher, Embody You Dance, is different from any dance studio because we integrate psychology, science, anatomy, and breathing techniques to really understand our habits that blocked us from expressing our most powerful self.  

And it works on any body, despite how much you believe that you don't have the "dancing bone" in you.  

To really grasp my Embody You Dance methodology, click the button below for a free training on what steps my successful students took to become and embrace a truly powerful presence, anytime on the dancefloor.