Precious words from our Embody You Dance students... 

"I’d say my comfortability and love for my body has changed the most throughout my journey in the Embody You Dance Program. Being free to move, dance, has dramatically changed, And that flows into other parts of my life. It’s a freeness. I’m so proud and amazed at my progress over the months.  

I will be forever grateful to the Embody You experience. For me, life changing. I was guided through a big transitional, shifting time in my life and came out the other side better for all of it. Exactly what I needed, right place, right time."

-RIKI AIHARA, Embody You Dance Program-

  “Akari walks you through everything. She would never allow her students to settle down for less. She wants you to keep pushing yourself, to extend your boundaries, and to break your limits. 

You might be in shock how much potential is in you at first, just like me! I really needed Embody You Dance to believe in myself. Every session had made my fear of dancing in front of others become weaker and weaker. ”  

- LINH TRUNG , Embody You Dance Program -

“Akari instantly provides a welcoming energy and a judgement-free zone for me to get me out of my head and back into my body. In one session, I was able to release and acknowledge the stress, fears, and doubts that held me back from my dance abilities.”  

- SHAYE FEAR, Embody You Dance Program -

“What I learned about myself is that I have so much in me. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone but I do hold back on showing people what I CAN do. And within the first three days, I felt so open, able to slowly start being more confident in showing more of myself.”  

- CYNTHIA VARGAS, Embody You Dance Program -

“I learned that we are all different and that is what makes us beautiful. I learned that the whole team wants to become better and we are here to help each other through this journey. I learned that we all have good intentions and are beautifully flawed dancers. As for myself, I learned to be my authentic self without care.”  

 -TATI, Embody You Dance Program-

“Embody You made me different from other dancing because it showed me how to let go and give into the movement. It made me different because now I can focus on myself rather than others.”  

-MIKAELA ALLISON, Embody You Dance Program-

Break through your fear and own that dance floor, just like them.