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Get a glimpse of the journey to get you who you wish to become

Week 1-2: Start with the Heart  

  • Change your limited mindset and beliefs of being a non-dancer. This radical shift will ignite your willingness to share your vulnerable self and prepare your mind, body, and spirit to get deep into your true self expression.
  • Cover how beliefs about your potential will give you full control of your destiny. We will combine my secret exercises to transform into your 2.0 self.

Week 3-4: Change Your Focus and Intention

  • Teach timeless body/energy principles to lay an unshakable foundation towards freedom of expression. Get crystal clear on what holds you back from expressing your authentic self and realign your intentions to transform into an fully embodied dancer.
  • Cover how to successfully manage fear, doubt, and external circumstances that can sabatoge your progress.

Week 5: Explore Your Body and Emotions

  • Know how to use your body to control your emotions, how to change your mindset around emotions and turn them into your greatest assets in creating a fulfilling connection with your epic self. By this time, you will know how to bring your focus inwards.
  • Master how to fully feel present and integrate your mind, body, and emotions in your own way.

Week 6: Connect to Everything

  • Know how to incorporate dance into your everyday life, why that is so important at this stage, and how to execute on your daily dance activities that will cultivate your creativity and voice through the body.
  • Cover how to fully train your body to perceive every space, person, movement, as an opportunity to dance. By this time, you will know how to connect your inner focus with the outer world.

Week 7: Learn Your Own Vocabulary

  • Show how to immerse your body into your imagination, and help you understand what movements feel most authentic to you without mental blocks. Learn to your dance skills using my professional dance practices.
  • By this time, you will be already confident to express yourself in front of others and know how to stay grounded in your own body.

Week 8: Create Your Own Choreography

  • Know how to create your own choreography, stemming from your heart and imagination. I'm also going to teach you how to execute in creating a dance routine by creating a plan of what story you want to express through your routine.
  • By this time, you will know how to structure a dance routine using the tools of spacial, emotional, physical, mental, awareness.

Week 9: Maintain Your Energy, Presence, and Expression

  • Embody You. Inspire and encourage others to become like you and to embody your confident, creative, and loving self every single day.
  • Show how to manage your bodily expression, how to prioritize energy to conserve your energy, and how to continue growing from here. By this time, you will have a daily routine that will generate unlimited flow of creative potential and energy to start everyday will a overflowing cup.