What is the Embody You  Dance Program?
The Embody You Dance Program, teaches those with no experience and little to no confidence in dancing, to unleash one's true fearless expression. It is dedicated to provide committed students to:
  • Let go of shyness that holds you back and become unapologetic in your unique expression
  • Gain advanced Body Awareness and Deep Relaxation tools from Akari, Founder of Embody You
  • Become the most creative and joyful self, everyday moving foward
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Testimonials for Embody You Program
LINH TRUNG,  Student at CSU Long Beach
“Every lesson brings me to a different world. Akari always asks me more to put more effort and jump out of my comfort zone. She gives me space and offers me new opportunities to thrive through each session. I have something new entering my life."
Natalia Girarulio, Student at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School
“There is so much motivation to continue onwards with my day and life. I can love myself and give myself confidence now in any situation through her sessions."
Shaye fear, student at CSU Long Beach
"Akari has such a welcoming energy and provides such a energetic and judgement-free zone. After having worked with her, I found a lot of power within myself. It helped me let go of physical tension and mental/emotional baggage I was holding onto for so long."
Melva Voigt, Somos Life Wellness Center
Akari's energy and enthusiasm is simply contagious. As we move with her guidance, I start to let go more and more and began to freely, without judgement.  I feel like anything  is possible! We enter a world of physical, emotional and spiritual wealth where true healing happens!
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