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Feel Full Freedom in Your Body & Own Your Badass Dance Skills.

Embody You Dance Program breaks confidence and expression down to proven principles that you can apply in your life to gain magnetic presence .

Gain heightened body awareness and reprogram your mind to express your authentic self without self consciousness, ever again.

How To Stop Blending In the Background

Forget Perfection & Embody You

A 9 Week Dance Coaching Program

This 1 on 1 coaching program is for you amazing women. Women who want to know how to feel connected with their beautiful body and pleasure everyday. Courageous women who are tired of holding back from who they are and caring what other people think. And crave to embody their inner goddess that hasn't fully expressed itself. YET.

I have a different approach with everything you need to be successful in your self confidence and expression. The journey to my successful practice is not about six packs, affirmations, meditations, looking cool like a commercial dancer. . . My tribe of powerful women focus and cultivate body confidence and self connectedness in a radically different way.

No criticsm and body shaming allowed in this zone— my online community holds a judgement free space so that you can solely focus on thriving in your sexy ass self.

Click below & hear how our program is customized to your unique self expression goals.

9 Week Embody You Dance Program + Lifetime Access

Follow a proven step by step process to break free from your limited beliefs as a non-dancer. Stop blending in with the crowd and become that magnetic, energetic badass.

Join a private group of supportive, courageous women that will help you thrive in your self expression journey . Constantly break through your doubts and fears with a tribe.

Embody your expression every damn moment. Learn the strategy to cultivate and flow effortlessly with your self-expression. No more creative blocks.

The Evolution for Your Dance

9 Week Embody You Dance Program Outline

With Akari Takahashi as your Dance coach, this program will help you learn the nuts and bolts of your authentic expression journey with focus, proven strategy and a badass community of women.

Week 1-2: Start with the Heart  

  • Change your limited mindset and beliefs of being a non-dancer. This radical shift will ignite your willingness to share your vulnerable self and prepare your mind, body, and spirit to get deep into your true self expression.
  • Cover how beliefs about your potential will give you full control of your destiny. We will combine my secret exercises to transform into your 2.0 self.

Week 3-4: Change Your Focus and Intention

  • Teach timeless body/energy principles to lay an unshakable foundation towards freedom of expression. Get crystal clear on what holds you back from expressing your authentic self and realign your intentions to transform into an fully embodied dancer.
  • Cover how to successfully manage fear, doubt, and external circumstances that can sabatoge your progress.

Week 5: Explore Your Body and Emotions

  • Know how to use your body to control your emotions, how to change your mindset around emotions and turn them into your greatest assets in creating a fulfilling connection with your epic self. By this time, you will know how to bring your focus inwards.
  • Master how to fully feel present and integrate your mind, body, and emotions in your own way.

Week 6: Connect to Everything

  • Know how to incorporate dance into your everyday life, why that is so important at this stage, and how to execute on your daily dance activities that will cultivate your creativity and voice through the body.
  • Cover how to fully train your body to perceive every space, person, movement, as an opportunity to dance. By this time, you will know how to connect your inner focus with the outer world.

Week 7: Learn Your Own Vocabulary

  • Show how to immerse your body into your imagination, and help you understand what movements feel most authentic to you without mental blocks. Learn to your dance skills using my professional dance practices.
  • By this time, you will be already confident to express yourself in front of others and know how to stay grounded in your own body.

Week 8: Create Your Own Choreography

  • Know how to create your own choreography, stemming from your heart and imagination. I'm also going to teach you how to execute in creating a dance routine by creating a plan of what story you want to express through your routine.
  • By this time, you will know how to structure a dance routine using the tools of spacial, emotional, physical, mental, awareness.

Week 9: Maintain Your Badass Goddess Mode

  • Embody You. Inspire and encourage others to become like you and to embody your confident, creative, and loving self every single day.
  • Show how to manage your bodily expression, how to prioritize energy to conserve your energy, and how to continue growing from here. By this time, you will have a routine that will generate unlimited flow of creative potential and energy to start everyday will a overflowing cup.


"My comfortability and love for my body has changed the most throughout my journey in these 9 weeks. Being free to move and to dance has dramatically changed which drastically influenced other parts of my life. It’s a freeness. I’m so proud and amazed at my progress over the months.  

I will be forever grateful for this immersive experience. For me, life changing. Exactly what I needed to release my insecurities as a 'non-dancer' "  

-RIKI AIHARA, Embody You Dance Program-

Akari walks you through everything. She would never allow her students to settle down for less. She wants you to keep pushing yourself, to extend your boundaries, and to break your limits. You might be in shock how much potential is in you at first, just like me! I really needed this roadmap to believe in myself that I can really dance. 

Every session had made my fear of dancing in front of others, to talk to others, and to be myself in front of others, become weaker and weaker. ”

- LINH TRUNG, Embody You Dance Program

“Embody You Dance made me different from other dancing because it showed me how to let go and give into the movement. To move from a heart-centered place. It made me different because now I can focus on myself rather than others' preception of me.”  

-MIKAELA ALLISON, Embody You Dance Retreat-  

“Akari instantly provides a welcoming energy and a judgement-free zone for me to get me out of my head and back into my body. In one session, I was able to release and acknowledge the stress, fears, and doubts that held me back from owning who I truly was inside.”  

- SHAYE FEAR, Embody You Dance Private Lesson -


Akari Takahashi

My name is Akari, Founder of 9 Week Self Love Dance Program.

I am passionate about helping courageous women who want to reinvent their identity into a fierce dancer who can freely express herself in front of anyone and anywhere. Without body-shame, fear of judgement, self doubt, self sabatoge, and stress getting in the way.

After thousands of hours in professional dance training, studying of the human body, and with countless hours of application, I created a dependable roadmap for women who have no background in dance to own their one of a kind confidence within 9 weeks.

If my ladies can do it, you can do it.

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