Every person is uniquely different- our fingerprints, face, personality, body shape, voice, origins are unique to each and one of us. The variety of each individual allows us to either celebrate or unfortunately neglect the beauty of who we are. Comparison, judgement, social media, and the desire to receive acceptance through others make it difficult for us to find our unique self and scoot further away from our happy selves. However, our unique self never disappears- it is just waiting to be realized and to be expressed. Through Mawari Movement’s mindful art and movement meditation principles, you will learn how to bring awareness to embrace, embody your unique self. You will no longer compare, judge, or neglect your true self. You will only celebrate the authentic, positive, and most liberated you.

We feel manic, disconnected, a lack of, and anxious when we are not connected with our body and true self. Uncover your great power to heal your body and mind, knowing that you are able to.