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Get Out of Your Head & Dance without Fear.

Embody You Dance Program breaks confidence and expression down to proven principles that you can apply in your life to gain magnetic presence as who you truly are.

Reprogram your identity to express your authentic self without negative body image and self worth from stopping you ever again.

How Embody You Dance is Different from Your Basic Dance Class

Most Dance teachers and Dance classes emphasize the right way to move, right way to express yourself, right way to be. But Dance shouldn't limit you like that! HECK NO!

Dance should help you feel ever-evolving and empowered.

If used properly, Dance is a powerful tool to help you connect back into your unique expression. Your authentic voice. Your body love. Your true confidence.

If you want to...

  • Stop nit picking and judging your body
  • Feel incredibly comfortable in your own skin
  • Energized without external stimulants
  • Feel grounded in your mind, body, and soul everyday
  • Dance without fear holding you back
  • Have a creative outlet to release stress and anxiety
  • Be unstoppable and magnetic on the dance floor

I've got you.


Hey Future Badass, I'm Akari.

Founder of Embody You Dance Program.

Before I started my journey creating my program, I was a competitive dancer, both regionally and nationally. What I didn't know back then was how to teach what got me to perform in front of 2,000 people feeling fucking powerful and most importantly, dancing as the raw, me.

So after more than a decade of Dance, putting in thousands of hours in professional dance training, and studying obsessively about the human body, I created a dependable roadmap for women who have no background in dance to own their body with confidence and dance skills within 9 weeks.

I thrive helping courageous women like you who want to reinvent their identity as a powerhouse who can freely express herself in front of anyone, anywhere.

If my badass ladies embody that in weeks, you can freaking do it too.


"My comfortability and love for my body has changed the most throughout my journey in these 9 weeks. Being free to move and to dance has dramatically changed which drastically influenced other parts of my life. It’s a freeness. It's a boldness that I've never thought was in me.

I’m so proud and amazed at myself over the weeks.

I will be forever grateful for this immersive Embody You Dance experience. For me, life changing. Exactly what I needed to release my insecurities as a 'non-dancer' "  

-RIKI AIHARA, Embody You Dance Program-

Akari walks you through everything. She would never allow her students to settle down for less. She wants you to keep pushing yourself, to extend your boundaries, and to break your limits. You might be in shock how much potential is in you at first, just like me! I really needed this roadmap to believe in myself that I can really dance and be myself without overthinking. 

Every session had made my fear of dancing in front of others, to talk to others, and to be myself in front of others, become weaker and weaker. Now, dance is my best friend. ”

- LINH TRUNG, Embody You Dance Program -

“Embody You Dance made me different from other dancing because it showed me how to let go of my mind and give into the movement.

To move from a heart-centered place and trust myself. It made me different because now I can focus on myself rather than others' perception of me.”  

-MIKAELA ALLISON, Embody You Dance Retreat-  

“Akari instantly provides a welcoming energy and a judgement-free zone for me to get me out of my head and back into my body. In one session, I was able to release and acknowledge the stress, fears, and doubts that held me back from owning who I truly was inside.”  

- SHAYE FEAR, Embody You Dance Private Lesson -

How Embody You Dance Works

  • Who: Akari Takahashi as your Embody You Dance coach
  • What: 1 on 1, customized Dance coaching program to help fit your goals with self expression.
  • When: Must book a call to see if you first qualify (contact under syllabus)
  • Where: Online course platform or serving clients in private studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Don't Live in Hesitation and Fear

Watch my free training by clicking the link below to learn more and apply for a free 1-1 strategy call to see how I can help you thrive.

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